You work a job. You take care of your family. You solve problems. You cook, you clean, you make your appointments. Things need to get fixed. Purchases need to be made.

Let’s face it. You’re busy. You’re doing what needs to be done. And, if we’re honest with ourselves, the “to do” list is never ending. I mean, when will you NOT have to be a responsible human being? Right? Right!

But what about those other passions of yours? You know, the ones that ride the electrical circuits of your brain, and enter your thought-stream as high-voltage, lightning-bursts of creativity. If you listen, you can hear them, faintly saying things like “entrepreneur”…”artist”…”author”…””fitness instructor”…”counselor.”

These passions don’t typically make our Top 10 Priorities for the Day list, simply because they often seem optional, or just wishful thinking. The truth is, these reoccurring thoughts should be taken VERY seriously. In fact, those lightning-fast currents are often your hearts way of communicating with your head! Their message is clear – “We want YOU to give us life!”

And who exactly is “YOU”?

“You” is a library full of knowledge – books on shelves which line the walls, most of which have never been read! “You” is a planet with breathable air, a vibrant eco-system, and a culture all to its own – and yet, few know it even exists! “You” is the sum-total of a unique bundle of creativity, innovation, wealth, and wisdom all of which is needed in the world – and the world is waiting!

There are people who need YOUR inventions, YOUR insights, and YOUR personality, to bridge some social, economic, ethnic, or political gap. And yet, it takes a conscious effort to DESIGNATE ENERGY & TIME to focus on those highly personal, passion points that plot along your thought process throughout the day.

Making your passions a priority each day is KEY to releasing what the world needs, and what will make you feel fulfilled. Here are 5 ways to begin this process:

  1. RECORD what is reoccurring in your thoughts that turns your passion meter to red-hot!
  2. CARVE OUT a specific amount of time each day to devote to this passion. (you have to be ruthless about your time otherwise it wont happen!)
  3. READ a few blogs, books, and/or watch a webinar of those already succeeding in this area
  4. INVENTORY what you need to get started
  5. TAKE your first step – if it’s writing, start writing! if it’s starting a business, make it legal! if it’s as a fitness instructor – make your first video!