What comes to mind when you hear that word? Power? Influence? Responsibility? How about children? Do you ever think about a child when you think about leadership?

The truth is, to be a leader requires nothing more than a following. You don’t have to be a good leader, a bad leader, or a mediocre leader, to be considered a “leader.”

Children can lead, old men can lead, young women can lead, married men can lead, and single women can lead.

Leadership is not profession-specific either. Leadership is not specific to one skill over another, one culture over another, or one type of government over another.

Following a leader may be a wonderful experience, or an aggravating experience. He or she may bring out the best in you, or the worst in you. If you are a “follower,” you must have, by definition, a “leader.” And if you are a “leader,” you must have, by definition, a “follower.”

Leaders are Everywhere

With the advent of the internet & social media, there are leaders popping up faster than ever before. Some of them are visible, others are invisible. Some of their faces we know while others we don’t.

Today, leadership is being redefined. We don’t have to know your face, your personal habits, your views on any number of social, political, or religious issues, to follow you. We just need you to show us how to do something. We don’t even need to know your professional or personal track record to follow you. We’ll let you lead us because we are willing to try your way of doing things, and believe your way of believing things, even if it’s only for a day.

Exceptional Leadership In a Low-Investment Age

In this current culture of Twitter-style leadership, where followers often make minimal investment, we should not take our leadership platforms lightly. Although it doesn’t take much investment for someone to click “follow” or “subscribe,” we ought to ensure that with every seminar, webinar, lecture, blog, email, and video, we are representing the very best of what we have to offer.

We must learn to invest TOP QUALITY information, products and services, to all who enter our sphere of influence. Even if people don’t fully see the value in their subscription to your platform, you must consistently demonstrate the value of their subscription.

What makes you EXCEPTIONAL as a leader is not your age, gender, life experience, politics, religion, or nationality – it’s that your investment in those following you is exceptional. When you invest exceptional content, exceptional products, and exceptional service, into your followers, you will raise their level of awareness that THEY are, in fact, the exceptional ones.

And when someone believes that they are exceptional, they will want only THE BEST of what you have to offer.