Personal Development

Why do we need it? As the famous U.S. Army slogan goes, you only need it if you want to “Be All You Can Be” in all the areas of your life.

What is personal development? It is the process by which YOU become who you need to be now, for the future. It is NOT accidental – it requires DELIBERATE effort. Personal development is the connection between where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow.

Start Small, End Big

In life, everything starts small – it starts as a seed. From conception until the moment we pass away, we will experience the principle of seed-to-harvest.

When we start a new job, we begin with a little knowledge, and grow into greater knowledge. That is personal development. When we start lifting weights, we begin only able to lift a small amount of weight; as we persevere, we gradually increase the amount of weight. That is also personal development. When we start out learning how to communicate in a relationship, we begin with small talk, and progress into deeper avenues of interaction. That too is personal development.

Many people go through life never consciously thinking about developing themselves (and no, I am not really speaking of going to college in order to get a degree). They will start a job, enter a relationship, begin an exercise routine, or form a company, but will never truly grow past the beginning point. Sure they may stay consistent, but they are consistently immature. They don’t grow their knowledge base to excel at that job, become more effective communicators in that relationship, discover new ways to stay fit, or grow in their ability to market their brand.

Develop Yourself, Beginning Today

  1. Inventory all of the major areas of your life (i.e. work, relationships, diet, exercise, education, etc.)
  2. Pick ONE THING off of that list and be BRUTALLY HONEST with yourself by asking these questions:
    1. where are you at in this area?
    2. what are you doing to improve yourself in this area?
    3. what counsel have you sought in this area?
    4. what books are you reading about this area?
    5. what audio teachings are you listening to in this area?
    6. how do you chart your progress in this area?
    7. who is holding you accountable in this area?

If you answered “I don’t know” to any area, ask someone else to give you an outside perspective. If you answered “none” or “nothing” to any question, consider finding a resource that can build your knowledge and skill in that area. If you answered “no one,” consider finding a mentor, a coach, or just a friend to begin holding you accountable.