Success Is On Purpose

Success is not an accident. Success must be on purpose, because only when you have a PURPOSE can you succeed at anything.

Writing must be seen as a process that fits between your purpose, and your success. For Americans – 80% of them- there is a real desire to write a book. So, why aren’t more people writing books? It’s because their purpose hasn’t been defined. Sure, they may have an undefined desire to express themselves on paper, but they have never clearly defined the reason behind it.

First Thing’s First

Do you want to write a book? If yes, here’s the first question…Why? Why do you want to write a book? Identify the reason in your mind – don’t wait! Do it now! BUT BE AWARE! Resist the temptation to rush ahead into answering “what” you want to write about.

Why do you want to express yourself, your ideas, your expertise, your passions?

Defining your “why” is a great way to tap into the YOU inside of you! Your “why” for writing will keep your resolve strong, even when you want to quit. Your “why” is connected to your value system – it’s the reasoning behind what you are doing.

For some writers, their “why” may be a sense of duty to inform their current generation about the pitfalls associated with certain behaviors. For others, their “why” may be a sense of patriotism in articulating the reason for electing certain candidates. For others, their “why” may be a sense of honor in detailing the lives of particular individuals who have made some significant contribution to society.

Notice how in each of these example, there was a “sense” of something behind what they were writing – whether duty, patriotism, or honor. This is because our “whys” are INTRINSIC to who we are as human beings. And by tapping into those “whys,” we are tapping into WHO WE ARE as writers.

Who Are YOU, Anyway?

Who you are as a writer has everything to do with the writing you produce. Are you a mother? Then you have the very ENERGY OF MOTHERHOOD working in you to create a lasting imprint upon the hearts and minds of soon-to-be parents. Are you some form of survivor? Then you have the very ENERGY OF SURVIVAL working in you to create a written visual of the survivor’s journey. Are you an entrepreneur? Then you have the very ENERGY OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP working in you to create a map for the eager business owner.

When you tap into who you are as a writer before you begin the journey of writing your book, you will be tapping into the very ENERGY that makes writing purposeful.

ACTION STEP! Begin today by identifying who you are, what your strong “senses” are, and by writing out 4 or 5 value statements that reflect you as a person. Avoid using “doing” or “becoming” statements. Say, for example: “I am a ________ (i.e. mother) and I write because I have a strong sense of __________ (i.e. responsibility) about______________(i.e. the emotional health of children yet to be born). By doing this a few times, you are training yourself to find your PURPOSE, and in so doing, your “why” for beginning your book.


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