Common D-nominator

Picking up the pieces of a disappointing outcome, to what you thought was going to create more wealth, more publicity, and more momentum, can be painful.

If you’ve taken the red pill of entrepreneurial living, you’ve been invited to join the ranks of the brave, the ambitious, and the disappointed.

Ouch! Say what? That word hurts just thinking about it!

The truth is, success is NOT the one thing that all entrepreneurs have in common – at least not for the ones who quit before learning how to succeed. Disappointment is, however, the one thing that every self-starting, business building, creative-minded person will inevitably experience.

To be “disappointed” simply means to miss our appointment. Our appointment may have been with a specific dollar amount, a particular head-count, or a desired answer, that we had planned for in advance. Disappointment deals mainly in the realm of unmet expectations.

So, how do we live the entrepreneurial life, while dealing with disappointment, without losing that bright glow of confidence?

Embrace The D-Word

…By embracing disappointment.

That’s right. Disappointment will always threaten our ambitious psychological state. Since it’s unavoidable, we only have two options. Either let it discourage us to the point that we stop advancing, or we embrace it as a part of the journey. This requires a rugged mind-change that many people are not willing to make. But YOU are not “many people.” You have chosen to pioneer a pathway that connects your dreams with a future reality. And although we don’t plan to be disappointed, we must leave room for it in our plans.

How do we “leave room” for disappointment? By acknowledging that:

  • It will happen. You will not meet every expectation that you set.
  • It isn’t the end. Your dreams and goals cannot die because of failure to hit certain marks in your professional and personal life. Only if you give up, will you miss out on experiencing fulfillment. And even then, you haven’t really killed your dreams and goals – you’ve just killed your future moment of being introduced to them.
  • It is a reminder. Disappointment is not fun, but it is a reminder for you to look back at what you have learned, how you have grown, and what you can do in order to succeed the next time around.



3 Strategies To Use Immediately

We must become specific, realistic, & flexible, as me move toward our expected future.

Specific in all the areas of our goal, including: what we want to accomplish, how much money we want to make, who do we want to influence, what kind of time, energy, and money will this cost us, how many people do we want to influence.

Realistic in all of our expectations, ruthlessly shedding the fat of good intentions, and setting our goals according to what we can actually accomplish, given the time, money, and energy we are willing to invest.

Flexible to allow for changes to our original goals. When we stay in a mindset of flexibility, we are setting ourselves up for BEING OK when disappointment hits. We simply RE-GOAL and set a new appointment!

We must learn the art of being intensely specific about what we want, realistic about what we will actually be able to accomplish, and also flexible about what we get in the end. When we are met with disappointment along the way, we can confidently say, “This is NOT the end! My appointment with success just got rescheduled!”



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