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How to Deal with Disappointment

Common D-nominator Picking up the pieces of a disappointing outcome, to what you thought was going to create more wealth, more publicity, and more momentum, can be painful. If you’ve taken the red pill of entrepreneurial living, you’ve been invited to join...
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Focus On Your Com-Muscles!

Communicating. We are all doing it, all of the time. Whether we are having an external dialog with a friend, colleague, or family member, or having an internal dialog with ourselves – communication is ongoing. The fascinating thing about communication is that...
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Personal Development: Your Attention Required!

Personal Development Why do we need it? As the famous U.S. Army slogan goes, you only need it if you want to “Be All You Can Be” in all the areas of your life. What is personal development? It is the...
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Exceptional Leadership In a Low-Investment Age

Leadership. What comes to mind when you hear that word? Power? Influence? Responsibility? How about children? Do you ever think about a child when you think about leadership? The truth is, to be a leader requires nothing more than a following....
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You’ve Got a Writer In You!

Writing. Those two syllables are responsible for fear, terror, and many sleepless nights throughout every generation of students. Whether you were in a 4th grade literature class, a 12th grade English class, or a college level writing class, you may have been one...
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What Did You Say, Passion?

You work a job. You take care of your family. You solve problems. You cook, you clean, you make your appointments. Things need to get fixed. Purchases need to be made. Let’s face it. You’re busy. You’re doing what needs...
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